I have a passion for sharing my love of learning about the natural world with others. It is also important for the general public to understand science, to see its importance and relevance to their lives, and to help protect natural biodiversity into the future.

Museum Outreach

The Auburn University Museum is a treasure trove of fish diversity. At multiple outreach events each year I had the opportunity to use the diversity of fishes in the collection to help inspire curiosity in fishes and teach about the importance of collections for research. The largest of these was the “AU Explore” event hosted by the College of Science & Mathematics, which brought hundreds of middle school students through the museum each year.

On the Internet

I actively communicate on social media, primarily through Twitter. This is a powerful platform to connect to thousands of people. My goal with Twitter is to help inspire curiosity in the natural world, and to help disseminate recent research findings, primarily in fish biology. I also maintain an occasionally updated blog, and update pages on Wikipedia, to further help disseminate recent research findings.